Two billion people live in vulnerable or conflict-affected areas.

2019: 30 years of child rights, however…


2019: Year in review by Terre des hommes

In 2019, we innovated!

IeDA: a life-saving innovation

1200 newborns saved in Mali in 2019

The first month of life is a crucial time for a child’s survival. Tdh trains midwives in remote areas in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa to improve their response to complications during childbirth and thus reduce maternal and child mortality.

1200 newborns saved in Mali in 2019

Venezuela crisis: fleeing to survive

Children Deprived of Liberty - What they told us

Penal mediation in Burkina Faso (in French)

Using art to foster participation

Our YouCreate methodology encourages the participation of young people in migration or affected by a humanitarian crisis. By managing their own artistic or digital projects, they improve their skills and are informed about their rights.

Children and youth-led art initiatives in Egypt

Children and young people in Egypt chose music, theatre, graffiti as well as photography and handicrafts to express themselves. They addressed challenges like discrimination, violence, gender equality, children’s rights and safe spaces for art projects.

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Children and youth-led art initiatives in Ukraine

Through art exhibitions, theatre and dance performances, posters and murals, quests and flash mobs, children and youth in Ukraine wish to prevent violence and bullying, ensure places for leisure activities, promote careful attitude to nature, and revive cultural traditions.

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Children and youth-led art initiatives in Greece

Children and young people from the host community as well as the ones who are affected by conflict or migration get together to create something new in a team. Through teamwork, the young participants learn to work together and see each other as partners rather than focusing on their differences.

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Children and youth-led art initiatives in Iraq

We aim to build the capacity and confidence of children and young people to do something meaningful. In Iraq the main topics the young people chose to express through art were the access to green spaces, justice and safe sport spaces for girls to do sport.

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